About Us

Hey all. My name is Daniel, and I started Atwater Hydroponics in 2004 at the ripe young age of 24. My goal was to create an  place where people could learn about the wonders of hydroponics and renewable clean power, all while supplying all the tools and information needed to become successful growers and earth conscious humans. Not too lofty, right?

One of my underlying life principles is being self reliant and self sustaining. Consequently I built the first solar powered HydroPod in 2004 to do just that; run for free from the power of the sun, and grow healthy crops. And I'll be a monkeys uncle, the thing worked! So 15+ years later, here we are. Pods & Ponics.   

Please know that when you buy from us, you are truly helping out the "little guy".  We do everything here from product design, development and manufacture, to purchases, order processing and shipping. Everything we make is made by hand, by actual vintage human beings. We hope to bring you a sense of commitment and service seldom found in many big box establishments today.

Thank you for your time,

Daniel & Mike - The HydroPals