The Atwater HydroPod - DIY Add Your Own Bucket KIT - Dual DWC Deep Water Culture/Recirculating Drip Hydroponic Garden System - Bubble Bucket - Grow Your Own! Start Today!Bucket Not Included Save $$

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The Original, Standard Hydropod™ Hydroponic DWC / top feed recirculating hydroponic system kit is the easiest way to start a hydroponic garden!

This Deep water Culture Complete Hydroponics system kit utilizes an air pump to simultaneously pump water to your plants using air pressure and and oxygenate your reservoir. This easy to setup hydroponic kit contains everything you need (***Minus One 5 Gallon Bucket***) to start growing your first plant or plants right away! Simply setup the kit with the included instructions, using your own 5 gallon bucket, add water and start growing! 

The system includes:

  • 8" Mesh bucket lid with integrated DWC/recirculating drip ring combination insert & See through water level indicator.
  • Drip ring and water column with aeration drive fittings; used to allow air to move water through the drip ring.
  • Dual outlet air pump with all tubing and 4" air stone. 
  • Clean dual elbow connectors for connecting both air lines to the Hydropod.
  • Powdered Grow and Bloom nutrients, enough to last months.
  • pH Testing Kit with powdered pH Up and pH down adjusters. 
  • Hydroton Grow Rocks; inert, organic clean reusable clay based growing media. Indefinitely reusable! 
  • 6 Pack of Rockwool Starter Cubes for starting seeds or clones
  • Nutrient mixing instructions
  • Hydropod setup and use instructions
  • Check list with all parts and QC checkers signature.
  • Worldwide sources parts, designed and assembled in the USA. 

The Hydropod contains everything you need to start your own hydroponic garden in one box!