Canna Coco 50 Liter Bag 1.5 Cubic Feet

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A sensational new organic coconut matter medium available in 50L bags and sleeves. Canna's enhanced coconut matter involves the addition of special elements for rapid growth including the special Trichoderma mould. Trichoderma is a natural plant booster and is scientifically proven to protect the plant against soil diseases. Canna Coco is certified for horticultural use according to strict RHP standards. Demand the RHP standard, it guarantees that it meets the highest chemical and physical demands and is free from weeds and pathogenic organisms. Growing in the new enhanced Canna Coco will give you 6-10% higher yields over other coconut mediums and will also reduce your fertiliser use. Quicker and explosive rooting also assures the growth period can be considerably shortened.