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Eagle 20 EW Specialty Fungicide - Professional's Choice For Residential & Ornamental Care

Many golf course managers have found Eagle 20 EW Fungicide as a proven preventative or cure for stubborn fungal diseases. As a preventative or curative it works on more than a dozen diseases of turfgrass, trees and shrubs.

Eagle 20 EW offers a fast knockdown treatment for disease problems such as Dollar Spot, Anthracnose, Spring dead spot, Other leaf spot diseases, Brown patch, Summer patch, Powdery mildew, Rust and Necrotic ring spot.

Eagle 20 EW may be used on a variety of grasses in residential and commercial turf, including bluegrass, ryegrass, Bermuda grass and zoysiagrass. Eagle 20 EW in also labeled for use on flowers and shrubs including more than 100 species such as Crepe myrtle, Azaleas, Flowering Cherry trees, Holly, Lilac, Rhododendron, and Roses.

How Eagle 20 EW Works as a Systemic

Eagle 20 EW contains the active ingredient, myclobutanil. Myclobutanil impedes the synthesis of ergosterol which is a critical function for fungus cell wall development. It travels upward through plant tissues and continues to provide protection as new foliage appears for up to 28 days after application.